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Interstate Advanced Materials customers usually recoup their yearly membership cost in two purchases. Scroll down to learn about the many benefits of joining.

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Interstate Advanced Materials Wholesale Pricing

See how Interstate Advanced Materials memberships pay for themselves

Ensure your membership pays for itself by seeing savings down to the penny. Customers often recoup the yearly cost of membership in just two orders. What's the catch?—none, our aim is to build a long-term relationship that makes us your go-to in material solutions. View All Membership Benefits

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Come for the discounts,
stay for the value

Access a suite of features in your online portal. Use your portal to share or store documents, reorder in a couple clicks, add additional users to create a purchasing workflow, and so much more. Customers with terms can even submit P/Os and pay bills online.

Pay bills through your Interstate Advanced Materials portal.

Material specific contract pricing saves you even more

Inadma's 'Top Tier' benefit means custom-tailored pricing. Enterprise members pick 10 SKUs that receive additional discounts. Contract pricing is calculated based on purchase frequency and volume, some exlusions apply.

Interstate Advanced Materials shipping discounts are shown on every order.

Membership Tiers

Business Tier:
  • 10% Discounted Pricing
  • 10% Discounted Shipping
  • Free order insurance & protection
  • Generate and manage P/Os online
Wholesale Tier:
  • 20% Discounted Pricing
  • 20% Discounted Shipping
  • Generate & manage P/Os online
  • Free order insurance & protection
Enterprise Tier:
  • 30% Discounted Pricing/Shipping
  • Pick 10 Extra-Discounted Items
  • Advanced Payment Gateway
  • All lower tier benefits and more!






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