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Dock Manufacturers - Fixed and Floating Docks


Dock Manufacturers - Fixed and Floating Docks Materials Overview
What is the best material for floating docks?

TIVAR® DockGuard, a specialty grade of UHMW (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene), is a popular choice for floating dock fenders. UHMW is an excellent choice for floating docks as it is resistant to wear, impact, and abrasion. It also has a high resistance to ultraviolet light, which makes it suitable for outdoor use. UHMW is lightweight, making it easy to install and maneuver. Additionally, it has excellent resistance to marine organisms, making it an ideal choice for frequently submerged docks.

HDPE is also popular for floating decks as anti-slip grades make for an easy-to-walk on surface that is less slippery than wood and other alternative materials. HDPE is also resistant to UV light and does not absorb water, which makes it an ideal choice for marine environments. Additionally, HDPE is easy to clean and maintain and resistant to corrosion and aquatic organisms.


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Customers Also Asked:
Can you put wheels on a floating dock?

Acetal is a suitable material for dock wheels on floating docks due to its high flexural strength and modulus, which makes it resistant to deformation and wear from heavy loads. Acetal also has near-zero water absorption, making it ideal for use in marine environments where exposure to water is common. Lastly, acetal is a cost-effective alternative to other materials with rusting or premature wear issues.