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Grape & Olive Harvester Bo Rods | Nylon Picking Rods


Grape & Olive Harvester Rods Overview
Why are nylon rods used for olive and grape harvesting?

Extruded nylon is an increasingly popular material choice in the viticulture and agriculture industries for harvesting season. Extruded nylon has many attractive properties that make it a reliable choice for the harvesting process:

  • Strength and Durability: Extruded nylon, also known as nylon 6/6, offers high strength and durability, ensuring that Bo Peep rods made from it can withstand the rigors of olive and grape harvesting without easily breaking or wearing out.
  • Rigidity: The rigidity of 6/6 nylon rods allows them to be bent and adapted to the specific contours of olive trees and grapevines and retain that shape, facilitating shaking actions during harvesting with minimal damage to the plants and trees.
  • Abrasion Resistance: Extruded nylon's resistance to abrasion ensures that Bo Peep rods maintain their integrity even after prolonged use during harvesting and increases the time between rod replacement.
  • Moisture Resistance: Nylon's general resistance to moisture makes it suitable for use in outdoor agricultural settings, where exposure to rain or moisture from irrigation is common. While nylon can absorb moisture, the limited direct contact with water bo peep rods experience during the harvesting process avoids the prolonged exposure that could lead to swelling and ensures the long-term reliability of Bo Peep rods.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Extruded nylon is often cost-effective compared to other materials, providing an economical solution for manufacturing Bo Peep rods while maintaining excellent performance standards.

Plastic products for grade & olive harvesters fall under NAICS codes #333111, 115113, 423820, 811310, and 111332.


Grape & Olive Harvester Material Resources & PDFs
Customers Also Asked:
What is the difference between nylon 6 and nylon 6/6?

Nylon 6/6 exhibits similar properties to nylon 6, but tends to have better dimensional stability and is easier to machine. Nylon 6/6 is also more cost-effective than its counterpart. However, nylon 6/6 has a slightly lower melting point than nylon 6. Both are suitable for applications requiring enhanced durability, excellent wear resistance, and flexibility in challenging environments.

Why is extruded nylon better than cast nylon for agriculture applications?

Extruded nylon (6/6) is preferred over cast nylon (6) for agriculture due to its higher mechanical strength and wear resistance. Extruded nylon has more consistent material properties than cast - it is more rigid and has better shape retention, making it a more reliable choice for bo peep rods. Extruded nylon offers uniform performance and is more suited for demanding agricultural environments than cast nylon is.

Why is UHMWPE better than metal?

Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, or UHMW-PE, is a self-lubricating material with a lower density and a significantly higher strength-to-weight ratio than steel. Its low friction properties, abrasion resistance, and impact strength allow it to outlast and replace steel in components like wear strips, bearings, corners, and guides, with or without external lubrication. UHMW is incredibly resistant to a wide array of corrosive chemicals and will not rust or corrode like metal.

General Properties1 of Extruded Nylon
Water Absorption @ 24 hrs.
Friction Coefficient
Izod Impact (Notched)
Tensile Strength @ Break
Tensile Modulus
Flexural Strength
Flexural Modulus
Compressive Modulus
Elongation @ Break
Deflection Temperature @ 264 psi
UL94 Rating
Linear Expansion Coefficient
Dielectric Constant
@ 1 Mhz
Dissipation Factor
1The values listed are typical and are meant only as a guide to aid in design. Field testing is always recommended to determine exact values for each application.
Grape & Olive Harvester Bo Rods - Nylon 6/6 Quick Facts


Plastics for Grape & Olive Harvesters

Thermoplastics like nylon 6/6, polycarbonate, and UHMW-PE play a critical role in the machinery used in viticulture and agriculture. Hooked rods, more commonly known as "Bo Peep rods" or "bo rods," are shaped from extruded nylon. Bo rods are essential for shaking grapevines and olive trees during harvesting to ensure the fruit is collected with minimal damage to the plants. Polycarbonate is another commonly used thermoplastic in agricultural equipment that undergoes machining to create the transparent "wings" which border conveyors. These wings are used to guide the harvested fruit from where they land to collection bins and trays. UHMW-PE (Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) is one of the main materials used for wear-resistant corners and wear guides, also known as "bacon strips," in agricultural equipment. These thermoplastic components are vital for both the longevity of harvesting machinery and the plants they harvest and ensure a smooth and productive harvesting process.



Extruded Nylon Bo Peep Rods for Grape Harvesting

Nylon 6/6, also known as extruded nylon, is an increasingly important part of the harvesting season. Extruded nylon rods are strong and rigid yet durable and wear-resistant and can be bent into the preferred hook shape of bo peep rods that are used in the harvesting process. Typically 1" or 1.25" in diameter, these extruded nylon rods can withstand the demands of harvesting machinery and allow for the shaking of grapevines for effective fruit removal with minimal damage to the vines. Extruded nylon's resistance to abrasion, impact, moisture, and chemicals makes it well-suited for the challenging conditions of vineyards. Its combination of properties ensures efficient grape harvesting while helping to maintain vineyard health.



Extruded Nylon Rods for Olive Harvesting

Extruded nylon's properties are a natural fit for olive harvesting. Its moisture, impact, and abrasion resistances allow extruded nylon rods to endure the elements and impacts encountered during the harvesting process. Nylon 6/6 is also resistant to chemicals, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance to help reduce downtime throughout the harvesting season. Like with grape harvesting, extruded nylon rods help harvesting machines free the olives from trees for collection while mostly protecting the integrity of the tree and the fruit. Straight nylon rods that are 1" to 1.25" in diameter may be preferred for olive harvesting over the bo peep rods used in grape harvesting.



UHMW Angle Profile

The viticulture and agriculture industries use Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) for corners and wear guides, which are sometimes called "bacon strips." These components are essential for the longevity of grape and olive harvesting equipment. UHMW's exceptional properties, including its low coefficient of friction, low moisture absorption, light weight, and abrasion resistance, make it an ideal choice creating for long-lasting moisture-resistant components. Its high abrasion resistance ensures prolonged component durability, even under harsh operating conditions. Additionally, UHMW's low coefficient of friction reduces wear on machinery parts and increases part lifespan. Its excellent resistance to chemicals and moisture also allows for relatively easy cleaning and increases its lifespan compared to metal in outdoor environments. UHMW components like corners and wear guides are essential in maintaining the efficiency and longevity of agricultural equipment like harvesters and contribute to the productivity and success of viticulture and agriculture operations.



Polycarbonate Wings for Conveyors

Polycarbonate plays a crucial role in mechanical harvesting machines for grapes and olives. "Wings" made from polycarbonate guide the harvested olives and grapes from the shaking mechanism to collection bins or trays, keeping them from falling off without compromising on the visibility of the crops as they move along the conveyor belt. Polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable and can withstand the vibrations and impacts encountered during the harvesting process. Polycarbonate wings are relatively easy to maintain - routine cleaning and inspection tasks can be performed with minimal downtime, ensuring optimal performance. Overall, polycarbonate's combination of properties makes it well-suited for use as wings in agricultural harvesting equipment.


Nylon has a combination of toughness, dimensional stability, wear resistance, and versatility.
Nylon Rod - Natural Extruded
Extruded nylon rods have a fantastic combination of stability, toughness, and wear resistance.
Nylon Extruded Rod - Black Nylon 6/6 Round Rod
Virgin UHMW is a relatively low cost abrasion, impact, and chemically resistant material.
UHMW Sheet - Natural Virgin
Black UHMW sheet, virgin grade, for general purpose use.
UHMW Sheet - Black Virgin
UHMW angles are an economical way to reduce the abrasion of metal parts & extend part life.
UHMW-PE Angle Profile | Natural Virgin
Polycarbonate Renovo-MPC is a transparent post-consumer reprocessed polycarbonate sheet.
Renovo-MPC™ Clear Post-Consumer Polycarbonate Sheet
Polycarbonate is a versatile, tough, durable plastic used for a variety of applications.
Clear Polycarbonate Sheet



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