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Glass-Filled PEEK Router Bits


Onsrud Router and Drill Bits Overview
What are Onsrud router bits?

Onsrud plastic router bits are designed for routing or cutting plastic materials at high speeds. Onsrud router bits are made out of solid carbide and are the industry standard for quality. Carbide router bits are harder and remain sharper for longer compared to high speed steel (HSS) bits when used for CNC routing. They provide superior cut quality and will wear out slower than HSS bits.


Customers Also Asked:
Can you use router bits on acrylic?

You can use router bits on acrylic. Onsrud acrylic and plexiglass router bits (CMD63) are specially designed to cut extruded and cast acrylic.

What router bit do I use to cut plexiglass?

Onsrud acrylic and plexiglass router bits (CMD63) are specially designed to cut plexiglass. Acrylic and plexiglass router bits from Onsrud tend to produce a smooth finish due to their unique cutting geometry, and work with both cast and extruded plexiglass/acrylic.

Can you use a router bit on plastic?

Router bits may be used on plastics - high speed steel (HSS) bits are recommended for hand operations, while carbide tipped bits are best used with more predictable controlled equipment such as a CNC router. Onsrud makes router bits for use with all types of plastic.

Which router bit stays sharp the longest?

Solid carbide bits are generally harder and stay sharper for longer than high speed steel bits in CNC routing scenarios. Onsrud specializes in carbide bits to ensure cut quality and bit longevity.


Choosing a Router Bit

When choosing a router bit for projects, consider the following:

  1. Router bits can cut a material as thick as the length of the flute.
  2. Router bits can drill a material as deep as the width of the flute, making multiple passes until the material is fully cut.
  3. Bit size is the full diameter and length of the bit. This is different from the flute size, which shows the depth and thickness of the cut.

Onsrud 61-000P series router bits designed for use with plastics.
Onsrud - Plastic Router Bits
Onsrud 63-700 series plastic cutting bits that provide a smooth finish in hard plastics.
Signs and Graphics Router Bits
Onsrud 63-500 series router bits designed to cut acrylics and achieve long tool life.
Acrylic/Plexiglass Router Bits
Onsrud 63-600 series high speed router bits for machining aluminum sheet and block material.
ACM Router Bits
Onsrud 52-700 series router bits designed to cut soft plastic with a smooth finish.
Mechanical Plastics Router Bits
Router bits designed to route phenolic with greater feed rates and reduced lateral tool stress.
Phenolic Router Bits
Onsrud router bits specifically designed to route high performance plastics like PEEK & Delrin.
PEEK Router Bits
Router bits designed to route glass filled or glass reinforced plastics without melting material.
Glass Filled PEEK Router Bits
Plastic cutting bits by Onsrud are an industry standard in quality.
Onsrud High Speed Steel Two Flute Fractional Drill Bit


Superior cutting tools for creating perfect 3D masterpieces.
Onsrud 3D Cutting Kit
Everything you need for production level performance from CNC machines.
Onsrud CNC Production Kit
The perfect assortment of cutting tools for expert sign making.
Onsrud CNC Sign Kit
Everything you need to get the most out of your CNC router.
Onsrud CNC Starter Kit
A cleaning solvent and rust protector by Onsrud.
Onsrud Rust Free - Cleaning Solvent and Rust Protector
Onsrud collet cleaning brushes are used to clean collets before installing router bits.
Onsrud Collet Cleaning Brush Kit
ISO-30, ISO-40, ISO-50, and HSK63F spindle taper wipers.
Onsrud Spindle Taper Wiper
Onsrud ER collets are used for holding cylindrical shank tools without flats.
Onsrud ER-11 Precision Inch Collets